When in Rome, do as Romans do. When in Sorica, eat as the locals do. Indulge in the local cuisine; try the homemade cheese from Sorica and the farms nearby, dried meat products, homemade pate, soups, dishes with game caught by the local hunters, trout fillets, stews and homemade bread. For those who would prefer to eat as Romans do, we prepare a wide variety of pasta, gnocchi and delicious pizza. You have to try some of the home brewed spirits, but if you do not like the strong taste, there is also a selection of quality bottled wine.

We tend to live with nature, so we offer a lot of seasonal food. In the summer time, all vegetables and fruit we use for food preparation is grown ecologically in the local gardens. Unspoiled nature, fresh mountain air and the love we put into growth of the produce gives our food a special taste.